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DAY 17: Favorite mini series

If it hasn't become apparent already I love a good musical, and Blackpool is exactly that. Blackpool is centred around Ripley Holden, a local businessman, who has great plans to turn his little games arcade into a flashy casino hotel. With a troubled young son, rebellious daughter and a neglected wife, Ripley's life starts to spiral out of control when the body of young man is found dumped in his arcade. Detective Peter Carlisle, sent to investigate the case, only makes matters worse when he falls for Ripley's wife and basically makes Ripley's life a living hell. The highlight of the series is the way it uses extremely entertaining song and dance numbers to great effect to illustrate exactly how the characters are feeling and what they're going through. Blackpool is the greatest drama-thriller-musical you're ever likely to see. This is the type of show I wished Glee could be. Also it's the best place to see David Tennant singing and dancing and putting things in his mouth.

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Haven't really been able to access the internet this past week so I've been getting a bit familiar with Photoshop instead.

Here are the fruits of my labour. (Some better than others)

A bunch of Life On Mars Wallpapers (1024x768)

What It Means To Be Sam

Test Card Girl

We're The Force - Version 1

We're The Force - Version 2

And also one Blackpool banner.

Ane speaking of Blackpool, much excitment in the house last night when I saw a mini ad on one of our free-to-air networks for the US remake Viva Laughlin.

I can't see any future for the show, other than one where it crashes and burns a few weeks in, but I'll be watching it anyway as an avid fan of the original series.

Now I knew the network had bought the rights and figured they show it at some time due to the 'Hugh Jackman' factor but I never dreamed we'd be seeing it only a week or so after the US premier.

Too excited - actually moreso than being able to see new episodes of Heroes and House without having to wait until next February (more than likely because I knew we were guaranteed to see those ones). Now if only one of the networks would pick up Pushing Daisies I'd be more than over the moon. :D
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I think I’ve been watching too much British television. Either that or I’m cracking up.

This is the picture I’ve had in my head all day.

It’s dark outside. Everyone has gone home. Gene’s sitting alone in his office with a glass of whiskey. A glance at the clock lets him know exactly how late it is. With a sigh he decides it must be time to pack up and go home - or at least see if the others are still at the pub.

He stands up, grabs his jacket and swallows down the last bit of whiskey from the glass. Upon exiting his office he notices he’s not as alone as he thought he was. Across the other side of the room Sam is slumped over his desk.

“What are you still doing here?” Gene bellows.

Sam raises his head, a quizzical look on his face. It’s almost as if he’s trying to decide if Gene means here in the office or here in 1973.

He gets up from his chair and starts singing – all the while moving slowly across the room towards Gene.

Here I am, waiting for a sign, I never seem to know
If you want me in your life, where do I stand
I just don't know
I never feel I know you
'Cause you blow hot and you blow cold, it seems I've grown attached
Though we're not the perfect match
I just can't explain

Should I stay
Should I go
Could I ever really stand to let you go
Can you now find the right words to say
That maybe I'm getting in your way

At this point Sam has reached Gene and the two of them, eyes closed, slowly and calmly start to waltz around the desks in that ever smoky CID office.

What the hell is that all about? I still get the giggles every time I think about it. Hee. ^_^

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It is utterly freezing here at the moment. The nights are starting to get really cold too. Not the best when you have shoddy circulation like mine. My left arm's probably the worst. If I'm sleeping on my back I have to make sure it's flat on the bed beside me or It'll end up waking me up in the middle of the night quite painfully and starved for blood. I can't even drape it across my stomach. It's impossible. 

The doctor has me on some Ginko Biloba pills to try and improve the circulation and I try to get as much exercise as I can, lifting weights and such. Nothing ever seems to make much of a difference though. Just one of those things I guess.

Went shopping today for some buttons for my newly knitted top and a few other odds and sods like that. Wandered into Target and picked up some new sheepskin slippers as my old ones were literally full of holes. Made from genuine sheepskin as I've found they better for warmth and last longer. The label almost put me off though. It had a picture of two cute little sheep prancing about a field. Made me feel really bad that one or more of those little sheepies ended up dead just so people like me could keep their feet warm. I'm not sure that's what they were going for in marketing. :p

Also found - and bought - the complete series of The Vicar Of Dibley. They had all 3 seperately for $12. I thought $36 for three complete series (plus all the specials) of any television show was a total bargin.

Would have picked up the first season of Bostol Legal as well except they had it priced at $68. A little too rich for me, especially considering that they also had the second season for a good $10 cheaper on the same rack.

As I was leaving the instore radio was playing  I Second That Emotion by The Miracles and it really left me wanting to get out my Blackpool DVDs again. (Still can't believe they're going to make an American version. Not even Hugh Jackman could save it). Ended up singing the song the whole way home (in fact it's made it's way into my head agian).

Will be seeing PotC: At World's End this Thursday with a friend. Even though sequals like these are rarely ever as good as the original films I'm still expecting it to be a lot of fun. Plus who could say no to a little Johnny Depp? :p

Long post but I have to add again how much I love The Shat (William Shatner). Denny Crane riding around on his midget girlfriend's Segway at the end of tonight's episode. Wondeful. :D


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