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If you like and watch Castle come and join in the fun at Castleland - a Land Community full of writing and graphics challenges and plenty of fun and games all celebrating the awesomeness that is Castle.

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Animated icons may be even more fun to make than normal 'still' icons. :D



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Also, if you'd like any variations on these let me know and I can personalise them for you. I'm also happy to take any requests for these or any other fandoms, provided I have (or can find) video footage of the moment you'd like animated. :D
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DAY 24: Best quote

It's more than impossible to chose the single best quote in the history of television. This quote from an episode of Castle would be the one that has amused me the most in recent times. What is just a slightly funny quote from the show is made hilarious for those who know Nathan Fillion's history. This may just be my favourite Firefly reference from the show because it really did make me laugh out loud - much to the bemusment of my youngest brother who was watching it with me. :P

Here's a few more that always make me smile.

"I think we're trapped in an allegory." - Moonlighting

"Today I was pompous and my sister was crazy.
Today we were captured by hill-folk never to be seen again.
It was the best day ever." - Firefly (and basically every other line from that show)

"What do we say about the past?"
"It makes an ass out of you and me." - Pushing Daisies

"That's it. No more donuts for Masuka." - Dexter

"Nobody deserves mime, Buffy." - Buffy The Vampire Slayer

"An iPhone is like a penis. Fun to play with when you're on your own, but rude to pull out at the dinner table."
  - Tom Gleeson,
Good News Week
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DAY 03: Your favorite new show (aired this TV season)

It may not have started new this season but my favourite 'new' show is Castle. I'm not necessarily a fan of crime procedurals but I've been enjoying this one a lot more than Bones recently. On the face of it it's just another case of guy and girl - in this case a mystery novel writer and a homicide detective - who despite having very different ways of doing things team up together to solve crimes. I only gave this show a shot because it had Nathan Fillion as one of the leads but I'm glad I did because it's cute and rather funny. Sure the cases can be a bit predictable at times but all the characters are fun and interesting in their own ways. And while the main focus is generally on the simmering UST between Castle and Beckett it's Castle's home-life and his relationship with his daughter and mother that provides the heart for the show. The young actress who plays Castle's daughter is amazing. Also Castle is one of those shows that never takes itself too seriously and has actually included more than a few nods and in-jokes relating to previous roles that the actors have played, the greatest of which has to be this one.

Finally, I can't help but love a show which after having the main character write a novel based on his new muse, Detective Kate Beckett, then hires a ghostwriter to actually write said novel and release it as a promotional tie-in. The fact that Nathan Fillion attended a few book launches and performed book signings as his character Richard Castle is just insanely awesome. A second novel is due out later this year. :D

Heat Wave - A Novel By Richard Castle
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[info]toestastegood is hosting a fun, multi-fandom fic party at her journal! It's called Five Acts, and this is what you do to participate:

1. On your journal, post a list of your five favorite kinks/acts to read about. (Check out this list if you're stuck on inspiration.) Also list the fandoms and pairings you'd like to read about.
2. Go HERE and post a link to your list so other writers can find it.
3. Read other people's lists.
4. Write comment-fic (or longer pieces) based on other people's preferences. Post either the whole fic or a link to it on the person's post.

My Five Themes/Kinks )


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