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DAY 18: Favorite title sequence

When the main character in your show is a sociopathic serial killer you really need the opening title sequence to be something special and a little different. The title sequence needs to be something that won't repulse/alienate new viewers and clever and intriguing enough to catch people's attention. This title sequence is so brilliant it's almost art. I love every single frame of it and how it makes the most mundane of actions seem so sinister in context. I have a few friends who love watching Dexter but can't watch the titles. I love that. :D

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[info]toestastegood is hosting a fun, multi-fandom fic party at her journal! It's called Five Acts, and this is what you do to participate:

1. On your journal, post a list of your five favorite kinks/acts to read about. (Check out this list if you're stuck on inspiration.) Also list the fandoms and pairings you'd like to read about.
2. Go HERE and post a link to your list so other writers can find it.
3. Read other people's lists.
4. Write comment-fic (or longer pieces) based on other people's preferences. Post either the whole fic or a link to it on the person's post.

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*{Overview}*{Apply for a Team}*{Social Comm.}*{Rules}*

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Another big Dexter icon dump.


45 Dexter Icons (spoilers through season 3) )

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A handful of Dexter S3 icons.



20 Icons From Episodes 1-3 )

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Just a few icons/bases I cooked up over the holidays.


41 Icons Below The Cut )
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I think I may finally be getting the hang of using Photoshop. Yay! :D

6 Dexter Icons - No Real Spoilers )

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News story of the day.
Does that seem a lot to you?
After seeing Silence In the Library Steven Moffat not only gets to have my babies, he can also have my babies babies. I am becoming more and more convinced it is that man's mission to make people afraid of everything.

Also last week I picked up the complete series of The Press Gang at EzyDVD for $25. I can't wait to get into it - just as soon as I finish going through the second season of Dexter. If only these two had been released a little earlier I could have avoided that whole Olympics unpleasentness. :p


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