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Got my first Christmas card today care of [livejournal.com profile] speccygeekgrrl

Feeling the Christmas spirit again. Shopping tomorrow. Will see if I can find some nice cards. If you'd like one comment here with your address and I'll send them out as soon as I can. All comments are screened. :D

Two things at the top of my Christmas wishlist this year.

The Avengers - 1967 Collection
All the colour episodes with Mrs Peel. So much love for this season of the show. ♥ At less than 80c an episode this is an absolute bargin.

Supernatural Season 4 With Replica Impala
Season 4 is brilliant enough as it is, but the chance to own my own little Impala might just make the highish price of this one worth it. :P
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Yes! Yes! Yes! I have been waiting for this one. The greatest of them all. :D

August 8
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Utopia tonight. Made of awesome!

Loved it, loved it , loved it!

I was squealing just at the sight of the chain hanging out of Yana's pocket. Also loved how once again it was Martha who figured it all out. She really is too good for the Doctor. Can't wait for next week and lots more Simm!Master as the promo strongly suggests (and internets have since forever).

Loved having Jack back and interacting with the Doctor and also Martha. Nice to see the good old fun Jack too and not not the badly written Jack from Torchwood that I just haven't been able to enjoy or even like - as much as I've badly wanted to.

Speaking of Torchwood I personally find it really funny that there was a ton more exposition on Jack and his past - what's happened to him since The Parting Of Ways - in this one episode of Doctor Who then there was in that entire first series of Torchwood?

On a slightly different note it also amuses me that the Firefly DVD boxset is once again at the top of Amazon's bestseller list. This is almost four years after it's original release date and it's outselling the new Heroes box set released only a week or two back. Power to the Browncoats. ^_^

Amazon's bestseller list


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