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Had a rather large growth removed the other day.

Bet you any amount of money this is not what you were thinking... )

Also I recently decided to rewatch Season 1 of Heroes just to prove to myself that it once was awesome - and worth it's purchase.

Guess what? It is.

Even after that latest truly dismal season I'm much heartened to find that that first season is as amazing and enjoyable as the first time I saw it. Oh show, I miss you so much.

Edit: It also amused me to recognise Detective Beckett from Castle as the Wireless chick from the later part of the series. :)

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Picked up from       [personal profile] lovestories

Pick your five all-time favourite fanvids, the ones which made you laugh or cry or kicked you in the guts, that inspired you to offer the vidder internets and first born sons, and tell us why you loved them. Any fandom, any pairing, any genre - the only requirement is they stood out from the crowd. Also, links or it didn't happen.

In no particular order... )
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Just a few icons/bases I cooked up over the holidays.


41 Icons Below The Cut )
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Less than a week to go until we get new episodes of Heroes. To tide people over until then I'd like to draw your attention to a few videos that have been popping up on YouTube over the past month or so.


Grunny Goes Nuts!

Pit Stop


Each one has been posted (and most filmed) by none other than Adrian Pasdar (who plays Nathan Petrelli) himself. I love TV folk who are not afraid of the internets and just love to spread the fun around. All props go to the rest of the cast too for playing along with Adrian and then allowing him to post vids of them acting silly.

Check out the rest of his vids as well if you want. They're all worth a look. ^_^
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Heroes the other night = Amazing! I nearly lost it when Nathan found Peter lying in the living room at his mother's house. That Pasdar really pulls off the best acting of anyone on that show.
Also finally saw a clip of James May's appearance on The F Word. He totally pwned Gordon Ramsey. Good to see such an irritating git being taken down a peg or two. 

Favourite line - "I don't really know what I'm talking about to be honest. Usually by the time I've got this far I'm so drunk I can't remember what I've done."    :D


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